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Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby Cookie Tutorials: Onesies and Teddy Bears

I recently welcomed a new baby cousin into my family. As you can tell by the cookies his name is Zackery.  I wanted to make onesie and teddy bears to celebrate.  I've done tons of onesies while I was decorating for a living, and I wanted to do something different.  I once did a baby shower order that was jungle themed with monkeys and lions and elephants and I thought it would be really cute to do those images but on the onesies.  The great thing about this design is you can alter them and do any decoration you want on the onesie.  You can go to my flickr and see some variations on baby cookies like punk rock baby cookies or jungle baby shower, .  Also, you can do variations on the bears.  Last year for the holidays I made them into polar bears with scarves!

Safari Onesies and Teddy Bears
Decorating level: Medium
Concept, design, and execution by Jesika Rose
Roll, cut, chill, and bake your cookies.  You'll need two bags of each color, one thick icing for detailing, one loose icing for flooding.  For now, place #2 tips on the thick, and #3 tips on the loose.  Once your cookies are cooled you're ready to decorate.
Outlining tip: When you outline, don't hold the tip too close to the cookie.  I actually don't have the steadiest hands, but I get straight lines by holding the tip high off the cookie.  Letting the icing almost fall onto the cookie, the line comes out a lot more smoothly.  If you hold the tip too closely every little shake your hand makes will show up because the icing is hitting the cookie the second it comes out of the tip.
I'll post these separately, but it's best to do both designs simultaneously.   Since they're a very similar process.

First, the Onesies:
Outline the cookie with the thick icing and fill it completely with the loose.  You'll need to let it dry completely before the next step.  At least a few hours if not overnight.
First outline the onesie completely.  Then outline the neck, the arms, the line connecting from the corner of the neck to the arms.  Outline the part that folds over at the bottom, and the lines for the holes for the legs.  Do three little dots for the buttons.

This is the base for each onesie.  Outline them all the same.  Then you can change up the animals in each.  At this point switch the thick blue to a #1 tip.  The orange and yellow you can leave #2's for now.  Next do all the animals' "first layer."
Do a yellow circle for the lion's face.  I just used the thick icing.  Then use the orange and create the mane.  Use the yellow again to do the ears.
First do the shape of the giraffe's body in yellow.  Then use the blue to do his feet, tail, and "antlers."
Do the body of the elephant in blue.

Let all those layers dry slightly.  If you used just the thick icing it shouldn't take long at all.  Now switch the orange and yellow to #1 tips as well.
The lion: give him eyes and a nose.  I like to do the nose as a little heart.
The giraffe: Give him an eye and some spots.  Again I did the spots in heart shapes.
The elephant: Give him an eye and an ear.  The ear can be slightly heart shaped.
There you have it!  The onesies are complete!

Now onto the Teddy Bears:
Outline the teddy bears with the thick icing and fill them with the flood.  Unlike the onesies, you'll still need the flood after this step.  Allow the cookies to dry completely for either a few hours or overnight.
Outline the snout and the feet.  The outline the rest of the bear.  Fill in the feet and the snout for a 3D effect.  Allow these to completely dry.
Give the bears eyes, a heart shaped nose, insides of the ears, and paw pads.  The large pad I like to do as an upside down heart.
If you want that can be it!  I added my cousins name across the bear.

And that's it!  These make a great gift for anyone who just had a baby or who is expecting!
If you have any questions let me know!  And you can see the whole Onesie and Teddy Bear set on my flickr.


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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! I'm so glad that you found this post informative =)!

  2. So many good things in one post. I love it! It is definitely something to look forward to when you're starting a family, it's nice to learn some of these stuff beforehand and be good at it by them. Good info, Jesika!

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